BOA Max 2 Compression Therapy

What is BOA Max 2 Compression Therapy?

The BOA 2 Max medical device is a lymphatic drainage device that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to offer a gentle pneumatic technique, used to stimulate the lymphatic system. A series of rhythmical strokes using a light or high pressure is applied over the body to stimulate the lymphatic system and aid in the flow of lymph through the system.


The BOA Max 2 offers our clients several unique protocols of application, including sports massage and beauty treatments. A typical session ranges from 35-45 minutes. The Clients use this application for recovery from exercise and enhancement of general wellbeing. Clients use this application for recovery from exercise, similar to competing compression pants. However, the unmatched 24 compression chamber system of the BOA covers the entire legs and hip area - as opposed to just the legs - which achieves much greater benefit according to our professional athletes.


The slimming effects of the BOA Max 2 have made the device a popular modality in the beauty industry.

How does BOA Max 2 Compression Therapy help your body?

  • Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces lactic acid buildup which aids faster recovery time

  • Decreases edema (fluid trapped in soft tissues)

  • Helps prevent blood clots

  • Diminishes fatigue

  • Improves delivery of oxygen and nutrients to vital organs

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