Using Photobiomodulation Light Therapy To Improve Performance And Reduce Recovery Time

Imagine like without pain. High intensity laser therapy (HILT) is a revolutionary drug-free, non-invasive treatment for pain relief that utilizes the most advanced medical technology available today.

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy utilizes near-infrared (NIR) laser light to stimulate the mitochondria of the body’s cells and boost the production of ATP, which is responsible for the transfer of cellular energy. This stimulation through NIR laser therapy has been shown to treat common conditions, such as reducing pain and inflammation. Laser therapy treatment is painless and non-invasive procedure that promotes the natural healing of the body.

How does High Intensity Laser therapy help your body?


The laser light increases blood flow to damaged areas and accelerates the body’s natural repair. Unlike many therapy products that only treat symptoms and mask the pain temporarily, the laser goes to the source to help the body heal itself.


Laser Therapy stimulates muscle trigger points and acupuncture points on a noninvasive basis providing musculoskeletal pain relief.


The Laser Therapy creates proliferation of osteocytes and remodeling of bone extracellular matrix resulting in accelerated bone repair.


The laser light penetrates deep into tissue and stimulates cellular reproduction and growth that result in repair of damaged muscle fibers and activation of myogenic satellite cells that lead to regeneration of muscle tissue.


The laser reduces swelling caused by bruising or inflammation of joints to give enhanced joint mobility and reduced pain.


The laser reduces the formation of scar tissue following damage from cuts, scratches, acne, or burns and post-surgery.


Slow recovery of nerve functions in damaged tissues can result in numbness and impaired limbs. Laser light will speed up the process of nerve cell reconnection and increase the amplitude of action potentials to optimize muscle action.


Some patients receive relief, increased mobility, improved strength or other symptom relief from just the first treatment! While others may experience relief hours or days later, sometimes even after the 2nd or 3rd visit. The amount of pain or injury, the amount of time since the symptom began, and the cause of symptoms all affect the speed of recovery. There are no biochemical side effects blocking the body’s response to the light therapy, laser therapy tends to produce faster and more progressive relief faster that other therapies.

High-Intensity Laser Therapy Doesn’t Just Mask The Symptoms. It Treats The Source.



“I tried the therapeutic laser therapy and it worked great! My pain was reduced from an 8 to a 3 after 3 sessions. I would definitely recommend this for people are living with constant pain.”


My name Is Jed Regan, I’m 50 something and have had my share of fun in life such as street hockey and martial arts. Along the way I’ve severely damaged my left knee and have a few herniated disks.Traditional medicine offers surgery and injections...clearly scary on multiple levels.

I searched for an alternative and found the RegenusCenter. After following their protocol’s my knee pain is gone and my back-sciatica issues are going away!!

I can’t recommend the Regenus Center enough!! If you have pain ...get seen and start healing at the cellular level


I started going to Regenus Center after experiencing a hamstring injury. After each session I immediately noticed a decrease in pain level and an increase in mobility/range of motion!The staff is nice, and I love how they worked around my schedule! I would HIGHLY recommend Regenus Center!


*We expect you to inform us of any conditions for your own safety! If you are unsure if the laser therapy is for you, check with your doctor. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. The products and services offered at Regenus Center are not evaluated by the FDA and these products and/or services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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