Re-Training And Coaching, For The Energy And Function To Live Your Best Life

Are you in a position where it feels like the fatigue, pain, and strain of the past will never go away?

You go to the doctor, get prodded, poked, punctured, adjusted and massaged, and maybe even drugged, and knifed and some of this helps, but the pain and the fatigue it prompts keep on keeping on, and never really goes away.

What do you do?

Is it enough to keep up the conventional therapies that aren’t solving the original problem as if it were a way of life? Or do you need to add something that’s missing and change the way you live?

We think it’s the latter.

A Regenus Center we add “regeneration” to the mix because there is a reason why your back is always in spasm; it’s likely because you are fatigued, and not functioning fully at the cellular level, keeping old injuries in play.

Now, modalities like massage, trigger point therapy, active release technique and chiropractic, acupuncture and the like can go miles farther. The treatment sticks!

But how do you keep it sticking?

You optimize your lifestyle. And that is why Regenus Center is “Powered by Performance Lifestyle.”

Powered by a Performance Lifestyle®

Is your lifestyle supporting you in every possible way? Do you have the energy, health and functional capacity to live your best life, without fatigue and pain and hidden challenges that distract and hold you back.

Are your sleep performance, nutrition, and activity levels suited to keep you healthy in a relentlessly demanding world that can quickly wear you down?

At Regenus Center we offer the performance, lifestyle coaching you need to succeed and get the results you are seeking.

You can meet with a Certified Performance Lifestyle Coach [CPLC] here at the center for an introductory discussion around your present life situation, so you can learn and begin to make the changes essential to your health and success.

It all starts with making a Regeneration Transformation—the likely reason you have come into a Regenus Center, to begin with, whether you knew it or not.

Regeneration therapy, combined with Kinetic Therapy, and now Lifestyle Coaching is your Performance Recovery Solution.

Schedule today to meet with a Regenus Center CPLC Trainer to guide your lifestyle changes. And be sure to ask about Sleep Performance Training. Everything else depends on it.

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