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Advanced Rejuvenation and Recovery of Your Action Potential

Advanced Recovery and Rejuvenation


What is it? 


It’s when you go beyond sleep to recharge, recover and restore the body using a performance lifestyle strategy that combines the proactive use of sleep, rest, and recovery (including PEMF, and photobiomodulation, among other recovery technologies) to supplement the earth’s environment and sun, to regenerate the body. In addition, strategic relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation periods to fully restore the body. 


Why do we do it? 

So that we aren’t tired all the time, burning out and wearing out our bodies prematurely.  


We live in an age where there needs to be more understanding of bioenergetics, the study of energy transformation in living organisms, and the primary role bioenergy plays before biochemistry and physicality in determining how we think, look, feel, and perform. 


Advanced rejuvenation and recovery chambers, such as those at REGENUS CENTER, were designed to play a major role in that process.


You see, today, with access to more information and opportunity than ever and relentless demands on our time, attention, body, and energy, the busier we are, the less time we have to take care of ourselves and our bodies and how we live.

Simply put, we are overspending our energy, especially as we age; this combination is particularly bad with impotent so called solutions all over that are designed to give the impression they are resolving the energy depletion issue but only exacerbate it.


What’s happening with all this activity, and why is it impacting young and old alike, but even more as we age?


We are exceeding our action potential’s ability to recover. And by “action potential,” I’m using a scientific term for nerve impulses and our ability to recover not their strength but the frequency of our power to generate action potentials, which power every function in the body and give us our sharpness.


When you are worn down, you’ve blown through the refractory periods needed to regenerate their frequency, and we must recover. 


The refractory period is when a cell cannot repeat an action potential. Regarding action potentials, it refers to the time it takes for an excitable membrane (the cell) to respond to a second stimulus once it returns to a resting state.

There are limits to how frequently action potentials can fire; they require refractory periods, so if you go through life overstimulated, you will start to feel the effects.


We’re talking about the cell, but when you are stimulated all day long, the body, as a whole, made up of trillions of cells, loses its metaphorical “action potential” over time, and that’s when you get worn down, lose your judgment and will power.

After all, what’s the brain’s function based on? Your ability to generate nerve impulses. 

Refractory periods, typically referred to when talking about the time in between orgasms for a male, apply to your life!


You need periods of regeneration, and REGENUS CENTER is all about regenerating us.


When accumulated fatigue (also referred to as energy debt) accumulates, action potentials are still firing in your cells at the same strength (when depolarization reaches about -55 mV, a neuron will fire an action potential), but they diminish in frequency.

Now there are other factors, but this is a primary one, and breathing more or faster or eating and moving more or faster is not going to resolve it. You have to recharge…


We need to respond to that with an advanced rejuvenation and recovery strategy, not coffee, not a more extreme work ethic, not a turkey sandwich, not drugs, not alcohol, not TV, or even obsessive exercise. I could keep going.

Sure, that will cover up your fatigue and give you the impression of more energy, but all you’re really doing is burning out your body, utilizing all of its adaptive vital energy reserves. 


If you want to stay vital without wearing out, you want to understand how to use advanced rejuvenation and recovery in today’s always-on performance culture.

Start with photobiomodulation and strategic use of the sun!



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