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Bounce Back from Stress, Pain, and Fatigue with REVITALIZE: The Proven 90-Day Strategy to Increase Energy, Find Relief from Pain, and Alleviate Inflammation. 

Regenus Center

Longevity, Anti-aging, and High-Performance Lifestyle Facility located in East Hanover, NJ

Welcome to Regenus Center – Solution for Living a Modern-Day Lifestyle

Ready to steer the course of your life and reignite your inner vitality? Here at the Regenus Center, we’re passionate about providing innovative scientific technologies and personalized lifestyle solutions that are just right for you. We understand the challenges of today’s fast-paced life – the stress, the aches, the tiredness – and we’re here to help you bounce back.

Our mission? It’s simple. We’re here to empower you to lead a revitalized healthier, and longer life, even amidst the hustle and bustle of modern living. Are you looking to turn back the clock, increase your energy, or improve your performance? With our rich experience and cutting-edge tools, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the future of your well-being together at Regenus Center.

Three Steps to Start Reclaiming Your Vitality

I chose the Regenus Center for its quality of innovative services, experienced, knowledgeable, caring staff, and the range of cutting-edge therapies meant to heal at the cellular level.

Dr. Tony Cioce

Our Services

It's not a spa or an indulgence—it's how you gain 3-5 more high-performance hours each day.

Photobiomodulation PBM Therapy

Red Light Therapy, Photobiomodulation

Infrared Sauna in New Jersey

Infrared Sauna

NES Health BioEnergetix Wellness

Flowpresso therapy near me

FLOWpresso Therapy

Contrast Therapy - Hot and cold therapy


Lymphatic Compression

resonant frequency therapy

PEMF & Resonant Frequency Therapy

Cold plunge therapy involves immersing the body in cold water for brief periods, offering benefits like reduced inflammation, improved circulation, and enhanced muscle recovery.

Cold Plunge Therapy

RX-1 Laser Therapy

Everything you need to


How can we help


 Facing often overwhelming stress, persistent pain, and fatigue, or dealing with health issues from previous lifestyle habits? If enhancing your health and performance is your goal, we’re dedicated to aiding you in reclaiming your biovitality through our advanced revitalization process. Our expertise is focused on rapid energy recovery and deeply transforming your lifestyle for improved well-being.

how we get results

Journey Together

At the heart of our approach is the understanding that everyone is unique. We individualize protocols, are committed to supporting each client’s healing journey and continuously strive for improvement.

Integrated approach

Our strategy is rooted in a multidisciplinary perspective, combining insights from energy medicine, biohacking, and high-performance strategy. This comprehensive approach is tailored to assist individuals in recovering from stress, pain, and fatigue, fostering resilience and well-being.

Personal Energy Mastery: Expert Insights

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve mastered personal energy management, which is crucial for a vibrant life. Our solutions range from accelerated recovery to high-performance strategies designed to enhance and harness energy effectively.

Attuning to the Client and Their Body

We examine the full scope: understanding your body’s internal dynamics, interacting with external factors, and pinpointing personal barriers hindering your healing process.

Who we are

At the Regenus Center, we focus on empowering you with the tools and insights needed to unlock your full energy potential and truly thrive. We champion proactive energy recovery, helping you revitalize and manage your energy as you prepare for a healthy, high-performance lifestyle with upward-spiraling habits.

With over three decades of experience, backed by thorough research and our own healing journeys, we are dedicated to sharing the secrets of increasing natural energy. 

Our deepest intention is to spare you the extensive time often required to unravel the complexities of human performance. We envision you leading a thriving, successful life without the risk of burnout or compromising your well-being. Let us guide you on the path to changing, improving, and optimizing how you live.

Enhance Your Revitalization: Tune Into Our Health Optimization Insights

Explore the world of human optimization with our in-depth blog, offering practical insights and advice for enhancing your everyday life.

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Enhance Your Energy, Better Your Life. Our ebook reveals three key steps used by today’s high achievers for revitalizing and effectively managing their energy – steps most people haven’t discovered yet. It’s an easy, transformative read for anyone looking to uplift their everyday energy. Download now and start your journey to a more energetic life.

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