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Performance Lifestyle Coaching

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You’re ready to improve your energy, health, and performance. You may plan to start with diet and exercise, but if this approach has failed in the past, it may be time for an optimal lifestyle approach.  

At Regenus Center in East Hanover, New Jersey, the team provides Performance Lifestyle coaching to help you achieve your life, career or business, and sporting goals with your health and wellbeing intact.  

  • We help you:  

    • Unlock Your Body’s Resilience to bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue, and / or increase your daily energy by learning how to recharge your body’s battery, recover from life stress, and restore.  

    • Manage Your Energy Like a Pro® so that you have the life structure and ongoing energy to support optimal living.  

    • Develop a Performance Lifestyle® by taking The 12 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life Like a Pro from theory, to practice to mastery.  

    Performance lifestyle coaching is the primary way Regenus Center is differentiated from other performance wellness practices that deliver recovery services alone.  

    Call the office or schedule your consultation online today to get started. Online coaching is available.862-295-1620  

What is Performance Lifestyle® coaching?

Performance Lifestyle Coaching is energy, health coaching and life coaching combined to support your success.

The team includes certified Performance Lifestyle® coaches (CPLCs) who help you create a plan to live your life like a pro, in energy balance with vibrant health and at the level you need to sustain and succeed.


Who needs Performance Lifestyle coaching?

Anyone struggling with stress, pain, fatigue, mental or physical health complications, weight issues, work, or life overwhelm… or those who want to go to the next level in their energy, health, and performance benefit from Performance Lifestyle coaching at REGENUS CENTER.

Many people suffer from excess stress and may feel more stressed now than ever. Chronic stress decreases energy production and increases hormone levels, such as cortisol. It also impacts the body’s bioenergetics, the master control system of the body.

Excess stress causes you to overspend your life force energy and mitochondria, the energy generators in our cells among many other functions, go into cell defense mode, slowing down energy production. Excess stress increases your appetite and desire for foods high in fat and sugar, which depletes your energy for activity.

Ultimately, stress, fatigue, and poor diet choices affect your bioenergy, the energy that recharging, breathing, and eating produces, that control information sent to the rest of your body. Energy depletion or blockage in energy interferes with cellular communication, affecting health and performance.

So, to live a better lifestyle you can recharge and restore the body via Photobiomodulation PBM Therapy, and other recovery services. This is the first step to improving your health and performance, so you can take control of your stress and stress response.


How does Performance Lifestyle coaching work?

Performance Lifestyle coaching at Regenus Center is an efficient and comprehensive approach to helping you manage your energy, live health successfully, improve your performance, and well-being.

Performance Lifestyle intervention starts with the NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System and the NES scan so we can see where your body needs support.

The NES scanner is a noninvasive tool that assesses your body’s energy field from the comfort of your home or a simple scan at REGENUS CENTER. It looks for energy-field imbalances and distortions.

Your Performance Lifestyle coach at Regenus Center uses this information to assist in developing your individualized lifestyle intervention plan to get you started.

Your plan starts with:

a) recharging and restoring your body’s energy battery, using photobiomodulation, and releasing and reducing stress by increasing energy. Also, restoring energy flow to optimal throughout your body using Infoceuticals and potentially the hand-held biofeedback device (miHealth) to support long-term energy recovery.

Your Performance Lifestyle Coach at REGENUS CENTER will then coach you on how to Manage Your Energy (life force) Like a Pro! This is “performance living 101,” the principles and practices of energy management essential to living a Performance Lifestyle. 10 weeks,

Then we will give you the opportunity to participate in our year-round Performance Lifestyle training, so that you know The 12 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life Like a Pro®. These are the fundamentals of successful living.

Regenus Center provides  Coaching at the office or online.

Call Regenus Center or schedule an online consultation to learn more about Performance Lifestyle coaching.

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