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Our Journey

In 2017, when our second child was born and before we founded Regenus Center, I had been experiencing constant tiredness after decades as an entrepreneur and excruciating back pain.

As a former amateur bodybuilder and athlete from the late 80s and early 90s, I was diagnosed with mildly “compressed discs” based on MRIs and X-rays, but I didn’t think there was much I could do about it.

So, I lived with the pain, which initially occurred every 3-5 years but gradually became more frequent until it became chronic.

At one point, the pain became so severe that I couldn’t be present for my new baby daughter, sleep, get out of bed easily, or even drive; it was crushing my hope.

I tried various treatments, including stretching, cryotherapies, dry needling, chiropractic, decompression, and facet shots…, but nothing worked for more than a few hours after the treatment or a short while.

Ironically, during this time, I was also in the later stages of developing a new lifestyle philosophy around a concept I discovered in elite athletics called a “Performance Lifestyle” to learn how to manage my energy. However, at this point, I asked, “If I’m doing all this, why am I still so tired and in pain?” 

So, while there was some truth to the original diagnosis, it took me a long time to realize that the damage from the past was not causing my present suffering. The fact that I was still overexerted and not revitalizing (recharging, restoring, and rejuvenating) at the level needed was. So, I went deeper (what’s currently called biohacking, or human optimization) and set out to resolve this long-standing oversight. 


Eventually, in addition to resolving some still-hidden lifestyle challenges, I found my way to a facility called Pheonix Regen. There, I discovered photobiomodulation (PBM), which means (changing the body with light) using noninvasive, red, and near-infrared… light to produce more energy, relieve pain, and regenerate the tissue, reducing inflammation. In my case, it further relieved pressure on the discs and nerves.

The first three sessions were slightly underwhelming, but by the fourth session forward, I experienced an energy increase that completely transformed my day-to-day life experience for the first time in years. I also discovered a photobiomodulation laser that could could go ever deeper to find relief from pain! 

Whole-body light therapy recharged and restored my body, further decreasing inflammation and preventing spasms and back pain. PBM Laser improved my function even more; with the energy to do so now and freedom from pain, I participated in a 7-mile Spartan Run a year and a half later.

With a new lease on life, I learned that regularly overexerting the body, as I had done for over 30+ years as an entrepreneur, leads to fatigue and “brownouts” of the neuromuscular system. Also, simply adjusting the body or undergoing physical manipulation without focusing on regeneration would never solve the problem.

Armed with that experience and insight, I prioritized recharging and restoring my body’s energy while also implementing performance lifestyle habits to thrive. As a result, I developed an integrated lifestyle approach for self-healing and more. This approach not only helped me overcome chronic pain and exhaustion but also became a fundamental part of the REVITALIZE program we offer at the emerging recovery club called REGENUS CENTER.


Our Mission

Our mission as a couple is to share our expertise in the science of proactive energy recovery, and the Performance Lifestyle®, as well as our personal experiences, to help others avoid the health struggles and financial waste we endured for 20 years due to outdated treatment methods from traditional doctors and alternative medicine practitioners who’ve not yet, at least, embraced energy and lifestyle medicine. 

We are grateful to offer the gift of REGENUS CENTER to you, the people of New Jersey, and potentially the world as a celebration of the incredible regenerative power of the human body.”

Let’s help you unlock your body’s resilience so you can bounce back from excess stress, pain and fatigue.

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