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Are You Built to Thrive?

“Thrive,” or “thriving” has become one of the most potent words in the health, wellness and human performance fields in the last two decades.

One of my first experiences with the term “thrive” was by a vegan ironman, name Brendan Brazier, who published a book by the name Thrive on clean plant-based nutrition. Brendan is also co-founder and original formulator of Vega products, which I had used fairly regularly over the past 15 + years for clean plant-based nutrition on the go before moving on the Nutritarian products of Joel Fuhrman MD.

A host of thrive conferences popped up further reinforcing the recognition of the idea. The whole idea of “thriving and not just surviving” also took hold of our common vernacular. And then in 2017, Thrive Global launched, by TV Personality and Blogger Arianna Huffington, to reduce stress and end burnout. This is a vision that is shared by Regenus Center’s parent company Performance Lifestyle Inc., which I (John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”) founded during a time period when I was seriously suffering from excess stress and teetering on burnout.

For a long time, I might add, over engagement was the order of the day, through the ’80s, ’90s, and the 2000s. With more access to information and opportunity than at any other time in history, and the ability to achieve our goals faster than ever before; we began facing, in full force, what’s called the high-achievers paradox. This is an idea I originally learned from Brendan Brazier, in his book Thrive, and that isthe busier we get, the less time we have to take care of ourselves, our bodies and our lives.

Ultimately, that over engagement experience and the fatigue, pain and more that resulted in me, led to the development of RegenUs Centers, (regenerating us) promoting proactive solutions for pain, recovery, and wellness. Regenus Center was inspired by the fact that driven, high achiever types tend to be tired all the time and suffer from excess stress and fatigue, which can lead to aches and pain that distract and hold us back, caused originally by the relentless demand on our time and energy.

Therefore, today, we have to recharge, restore and optimize the way we live else, access to too much information and opportunity tires us out, wears us out and burns us out… and we trade our health for success. And that feels like anything but thriving.

So, if you are up to big things like raising a family, having a career, owning a business, engaging in athletic events (even as a weekend warrior) or creative pursuit; you had better build proactive energy recovery into your lifestyle to support your health and performance.

Re-enter the idea of thriving. 
Without getting too granular into all the different aspects of the human experienceenergy, health, performance, and lifestyle; at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to “thrive?” We were built to thrive from the cellular level on up to all the human capacities, which, if harnessed and utilized efficiently and effectively can help us achieve our goals and live with a profound quality of life.

But not dissimilar to my own experience mentioned above; because we have an epidemic of excessive stress and overactivity plaguing our modern-day society, driven largely by technology and resulting in a high-performance culturea culture, that is bent on the systematic achievement of consistent results; we have to proactively recover to recharge and restore our bodies natural healing capacities.

Not doing so, will undermine your life in just about every way; especially as your energy depletes, energy debt accumulates (fatigue) and a whole downward spiral of vicious cycles develop as a result of chronic stress, overwhelm, fatigue, and responses to that stress (lifestyle) that cause more stress.

So recently, we launched a new workshop at our Center called Built to Thrive,” to initiate new customers and clients of Regenus Center, into the actions involved with rebuilding their body’s natural healing abilities at the cellular level so they can interact with their environment (life) in the way they need and want to.

Living in 2019 and beyond, the primary health issues we suffer from, as a result of this enervating culture we live in, are not merely psychological and physical, they are excess stress and fatigue oriented and initiated. Excess stress and fatigue, usually due to overexertion are affecting how we operate at the cellular level and we need to address excess stress and fatigue from the cellular level on up. We also can’t stop there, we have to optimize the way we live. It’s not enough to just add in an extra hour of sleep, or say no to a Saturday night outing; we need to address our energy and our whole lifestyle so we can thrive with vibrant health and peace of mind.

Are you built to thrive? Yes. What you need to feel that way is to recharge, restore and optimize the way you live. Wash, rinse repeat.

Join us for an upcoming Built to Thrive Workshop at Regenus Center.


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