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Move Over Diet and Exercise It’s Time for Regeneration

Move over nutrition and fitness; don’t worry you are still there and as ever-important, but there’s an even bigger player, with more far-reaching implications, and far more responsible for how we look, function, feel and perform in life. It rarely got noticed early in our lives because we couldn’t see it and took it for granted. Energy and healing are hidden until we see the end result; but one thing is for sure, we sure knew and know when it’s not happening at the level we need.

It’s called Regeneration.

You haven’t paid much attention to the regeneration of your energy and tissue and likely because you just took it for granted. It was more a subject for science class then your everyday life. Whenever you wanted more of it, you/we just generated more by staying busy or going to bed when it was time or we were forced to. But unfortunately, few of us knew that the generation of energy means the stimulation (spending) of energy and overstimulation is the root cause of tiring out, burning out, wearing out and dying out prematurely.

It’s not the only cause, but it’s assuredly the primary cause because all other causes are influenced by your energy and if it’s depleted.

It wasn’t until you noticed the diminishing effects on your body—fatigue, increased inflammation, weight gain, and pain in your joints like your back and neck, shoulder, hands, and feet; also, its effects on your mood and attitude—that you finally got the tip that something was wrong and you needed to do something about it.

There isn’t anything wrong with you; that is what happens when the regeneration of your energy and cells are not taking place at the level you need such that your body/brain just is able to function the way you used to know it could, and this in and of itself is adding distress.

Perhaps that foggy, fatigued, and the potentially painful condition has put you on a quest (or maybe a wild goose chase) to find out what the problem is. But chances are, you’ve probably not found your solution as of yet, as the market sells you impotent solutions for what is a problem that goes as deep as it gets and isn’t solved by one thing, let alone a topical solution that works from the outside in.

What’s you need, is what works from the inside out, promoting the “re” generation of energy, the creation of new energy, stimulating (in a natural way) the growth of new cells and tissue in an environment that is not providing just more stress.

After all, what we are talking about is caused by the impact of excess stress, your body produces less energy and the poor lifestyle habits that usually follow when tiredness increases and you are you nowhere near your peak.

As you read, you should be getting the impression that my team and I have lifted the lid on this spoken about, but little understood and rarely addressed hidden variable that gives rise to a complex of variables that undermines all human health and success initiatives; and that is, the negative impact that overexertion and overstimulation (excess stress) have on our cells among other environmental stressors such as:

  • biological stressors (infectious from viruses, bacteria, fungi such as mold, parasites and more)
  • chemical stressors (such as toxins)
  • physical trauma (from an accident, a burn, surgery, massive infections that can harm and destroy tissue, abuse)
  • psychological trauma (events that feel overwhelming or difficult to cope with such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, financial struggle, childhood emotional neglect; living with chronic disease, which typically has no known cure and is potentially life-threatening)

The effects are especially pronounced in the mitochondria, the cellular energy generators, which produce less energy in the face of that excess stress, or what is called the CDR–Cell Danger Response -the new paradigm of chronic illness.

In health, the CDR response is short term, when it’s chronic, the CDR leads to symptoms and chronic illness and in that process, poor lifestyle habits (even for those who know better) just exacerbate the problems.

Simply put, chronic stress leads to lifestyle-induced diseases; namely, the likes of tiredness, chronic fatigue, inflammation, fibromyalgia, and joint pain.

Are you ready to change that?

Get ready to make a Regeneration Transformation to reduce tiredness, chronic fatigue, inflammation, fibromyalgia, and joint pain and look, feel and perform better.

What is a Regeneration Transformation?

It’s a period of time, that’s different in duration for anyone where you do everything in your power to reduce excess stress and provide the environment where you can recover from overexertion, what may be a prolonged Cell Danger Response, and begin living what we call a Performance Lifestyle – where you learn the mindset and skill set to achieve even your most ambitious goals (what most of wake-up to do every day) while living in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind. It is the lifestyle all healthy high achieving people who thrive, know and live by.

You engage in the process of regenerative therapies, kinetic therapy (hands-on, if needed, such as chiropractic, or PT) and lifestyle retraining so that you can repair, recharge, and reactivate your body at or as close to your natural capacity once again.

At the heart of a Performance, Lifestyle is regular and systematic regeneration because; everything you do, if you’re going to do it and do it well, depends on maintaining high energy levels.

So let’s dig into what Regeneration is: See Regeneration Part 1 >


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