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Recover Like an Elite Athlete, Even If You’re Not

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to get the most advanced regenerative treatment to help recover from pain and return to an active life.

Whether you’re an athlete at the elite, college or high school level, lead an active life, are a weekend warrior, or not even into sports or even a fitness enthusiast for that matter, regenerative therapy can help you overcome pain, heal damaged tissue and help you return to the activities that you enjoy.

I’m asked by business professionals, working parents and weekend warriors fairly often for tips on how to recover from the excess stress in their life, including the hard workouts they put themselves through to boot (ironically to relieve stress), or even injuries faster. They want to sleep better, increase their energy and get rid of the back pain and shoulder pain, the pain in their hands and feet… because it’s distracting and holding them back from what they want to do.

So how do you do that amidst the flurry of daily activity that engulfs most of our lives?

Well, the long answer is you develop what’s called a Performance Lifestyle®. That’s the whole solution. It’s essentially your lifestyle optimized to support the level of performance demands on your body and brain, so that you don’t end up with sleep problems, energy drain, and the pain, from all the excess strain.

What we offer here at Regenus Centers is core to living that “optimal” lifestyle; regular and systematic regeneration that you maintain in your life. In today’s performance culture, it’s imperative. Even great sleep alone is often not enough.

But developing a “performance lifestyle” you can call your own takes time, understandably. You need to discover and learn, create and apply new habits in your life to form a new style of living. Yet right now you probably want a boost of real, naturally-occurring energy and you want that pain to subside so that you feel you can make and sustain other improvements in your life.

What follows are recovery and performance tips that most elite athletes use regularly. Professional athletes have to deal with aches, pains and return as quickly as possible from injury, so you will benefit a great deal from employing the same strategies in your own life, to get back in and on top of your game once again.

  1. Sleep is crucial to rest and recovery. I realize that we all have busy work schedules and hectic personal lives. Sleep is important for proper hormone production, though. You need to find ways to get seven to eight + hours of continuous sleep, not total time in bed.This sounds like an easy directive, “get more sleep,” to recover, but while it is that simple, it’s not that easy; else everyone would be great sleepers. There is a great deal more involved with being a great sleeper in today’s world—logistically, physically, emotionally and energetically. But if you are developing a new style of living, you simply must get your sleep right. Get this right, and everything, I mean everything, else can go a whole lot better.See, Regenus Center’s Lifestyle Re-Training Page for more information, on Sleep Performance, and Performance Living 101™, so you can start living with optimal energy levels.
  2. One of the biggest oversights in today’s world is our need for sunlight, in particular, the deep penetrating red, near-infrared and far-infrared wavelengths of the sun that are essential to powering the electrical potential of your cells, producing ATP and healing tissue.If you are in the dark during the day and in the light (blue light) during the night, you literally degenerate your cells, energy, and function and life become a struggle. Evening sleep doesn’t solve this problem and nutrition and fitness is too far removed from solving the actual problem that is really a lifestyle problem, but its solution starts with regeneration.If you are close to Regenus Center, or a comparable center, get started with Photobiomodulation or PBM Therapy. Learn more about high-intensity laser, whole body PBM therapy, and infrared sauna.
  3. Athletes like ice or ice baths, but you don’t have to. First focus on red light regenerative therapies, which you can use before you even get to the after effects of stress or strenuous exercise, then focus on whole-body cryotherapy. Before you want to force your body to endure the cold, you want to make sure you first have the energy and have healed from your last bout of stress.

Create an off-season. Most pro sports have at least two to three months off to recover. These rest periods are crucial to allow the athletes’ bodies to recover and prepare for the next season. You don’t have to quit exercising altogether. You could vary your routine and cut back the level, intensity, and frequency, not only of your training but of the energy output in your life!

Trying to perform at peak all weak let alone all year ensures you will problems with sleep, energy, pain etc. so learning how to periodize your schedule will go a long way. See Lifestyle Re-Training.

Lastly, elite athletes, especially in team sports, have athletic trainers and access to physical therapists and sports medicine doctors. They have every minor ache checked out before it becomes a major problem. While you might not have medical staff with you every day, you can go to the doctor or work with a physical therapist soon after problems arise rather than pushing through them for months.

At Regenus Center Core Therapies in Florham Park NJ you will have access to the best in regeneration, kinetic (hands on therapy) and lifestyle retraining, so we’ve got your back. See Our Solutions.

These tips to recover might not help you make millions of dollars like pro athletes, but they will improve your performance, keep you healthy and dramatically improve your quality of life.


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