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Recharge Your Body Battery

Recharge Your Body Battery to Strengthen the Second Half of Your Day

You… are a leader. By your very nature, you have to outperform, but to do so you need to recharge your body battery.

Your day starts early, and it most likely ends late. You are driven to push your physical, mental, and emotional body up to, and usually beyond its limits. Unplanned demands and crises add emotional stress to your already full to-do list. Each new stressor taps your energy reserves. As your energy draws below your threshold your mental acuity dims and your physical and emotional states diminish.

You hit the wall, and you probably do this every day, but you can’t just stop.

You either replenish, or you deplete. Depletion leads to less acuity, which impairs your ability to function at your best. Worse, chronic depletion leads to chronic stress. Chronic stress is a major factor in disease, including the 6 leading causes of death in the United States.

The right choice is to replenish.

What if you could flip a switch and recharge the batteries that keep your body running? Yes, your body battery is a real thing. Your body has the properties of a battery.

What if each and every day, you could completely reset and restore depleted energy so that the second half of your day is as energized as the first half?

What if in that same process, you can identify the energetic imbalances caused by stress and toxicity and correct them BEFORE they manifest as illness or disease?

You… Can do this

Cutting edge advances in energy medicine are changing human performance. Over 4000 clinical trials on photobiomodulation alone have shown that Athletes are stronger, faster, and have markedly improved endurance. Cognitive function has been restored after Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Brain Injury, and PTSD. Aging skin and hair can be rejuvenated. Pain can be released in seconds.

Over 4000 studies have shown that the precisely measured application of energy helps people Feel, Think, Look, and Perform, Better.

The reduction in chronic inflammation alone will have profound long-term benefits.

Better yet, recharging your body battery can be done free of drugs and adverse side effects. The side effects are in fact, positive.

First, we scan your body to identify energy-based pathologies that precede physical manifestation with a targeted combination of coded, EZ Water “infoceuticals” and then deliver pulsed, in phase electromagnetic and photonic stimulation of the biofield, cells, and cellular environment.

We then bathe your entire body with precisely metered energies that reduce inflammation, improve circulation, detoxify the cells, and supercharges the body’s charging systems. By first healing the cells, every tissue, organ, and system in your body is driven to its optimal state.

Our ATP Whole-body light therapy Device gives you the immediate restoration of the depleted energy required to be your best, while it simultaneously initiates long term optimization of every tissue, organ, and system in the body.

This bears repeating. Immediate restoration of depleted energy stores with a long term, systematic optimization of every tissue, organ, and system in the body.

You get better faster, and you stay better longer.

Give us a call at RegenUs Center to book your sessions, and inquire about installing the Whole body Battery Charger at your home or office to increase the energy, health, performance, and productivity of you, your team, and employees.

When you can recharge and restore your body when you need it most amazing things happen.

At Regenus centers, we partner with you on your energy recharging journey, ensuring you leave energized, pain- reduced & anxiety, and stress-alleviated, through a simple 4-stage process:

1) Scan Your Body’s Systems in order to identify how to best optimize them & increase your energy

2) Charge Your Body Battery using our fully immersive Light & PEMF Full Body Charger

3) Zap any painful or inflamed areas with bioelectrical stimulation & laser therapy.

4) Coach you in-person & online on how to embrace a Performance Lifestyle so you master your response to stress, and manage your energy like a pro.

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