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Should you use your iPad or iPhone while recovering your energy for optimal performance?

Should you use your iPad or iPhone while recovering your energy for optimal performance?

The simple answer is no.

At Regenus Center, we’ve noticed a recurring trend: individuals who come in seeking energy or performance recovery often believe they can achieve it while using their devices—working, listening to podcasts, or engaging in various activities.

However, it’s important to consider the implications of multitasking during the recovery process. When you aim to recharge and restore your energy, it’s counterproductive to expend energy simultaneously.

We understand that many people have limited free time, constantly facing demands that deplete their energy reserves. Consequently, when they finally take a break, they feel compelled to engage in additional activities to justify their time and the act of recuperation.

This mindset reflects a common belief that we need permission to pause or a desire to avoid any perceived “downtime.” Yet, this mindset can hinder the regeneration of energy and the body’s healing process.

Watching TV, processing information from podcasts, or doing office work while sitting in front of a PEMF device may provide stimulation, but it hampers true regeneration. Energy stimulation and recuperation are opposing forces that cannot effectively coexist.

Breaking this habit can be challenging. It’s also essential to differentiate between activities like listening to frequency music, such as solfeggio frequencies, which can be beneficial, and engaging in deep cognitive tasks like learning, strategizing, or planning.

While there may be occasions where combining activities is feasible, if your goal is deep regeneration, that’s not the ideal time for multitasking. The best approach is to embrace a state of doing nothing—more accurately, abstaining from activities other than those promoting regeneration.

Why is this approach necessary? Because the brain and thoughts themselves are the most significant stimulants known to us. When you seek to regenerate, it’s crucial to establish a harmonious relationship with your mind and avoid mental activity. The same principle applies to your body.

Simultaneously exerting effort and trying to regenerate is counterproductive and inhibits your progress.

If you’re ready to accelerate your recovery and unlock your true potential, discover the secrets to regenerating your life force energy.



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