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The Key to Anti/Healthy Aging, High-Performance, and Longevity

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”; JAM is a Leading Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

In this article, I will share three big ideas about Healthy Aging, the High-Performance Lifestyle, and Longevity that will help a group of people who are likely already achieving at least close to their full potential as they see it right now and doing extraordinary things, to live with even more potential, in better health and for longer.

The potential I’m talking about is the life force energy that gives us power. Accelerating its recovery is at the heart of healthy aging, a high-performance lifestyle, and longevity, and it’s largely a secret to most people.

Most people search their entire life for it and never find it. It is the needle in the haystack.

The main takeaway from this article is that in our current high-performance culture, we need to prioritize energy recovery just as much, if not more, than our activities. Failing to do so can lead to the opposite of healthy aging…

The more intentional we become about recovering energy, the more we can accomplish, achieve, and enjoy our amazing lives.

Before diving into the three big ideas, let’s first understand the problem we’re addressing. As Einstein once said, if he had one hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes understanding the problem and only five minutes on the solution. This highlights the importance of understanding the problem to find the right solution.

Allow me to introduce the High Achievers Dilemma: We now have access to more information and opportunities than ever before, enabling us to achieve our goals faster. However, the demands of technology and our fast-paced lives have also increased our daily responsibilities.

The dilemma arises when our busyness leaves us with less time to care for ourselves, our bodies, and our lives. By taking care of ourselves, I’m not just referring to nutrition, fitness, and mental well-being, although those are essential. I’m specifically talking about how much energy we can recover each day.

How regularly do we recharge, recover, and restore our bodies? Prolonged exertion periods can significantly negatively impact our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Burnout has recently been recognized as a syndrome by the WHO.

So, how do we tackle this pervasive problem? There are three strategic approaches, with everything else being tactical:

  1. Structure wakeful hours around sleep, rest, recovery, meditation, relaxation, and rejuvenation periods.
  2. Accelerate recovery through the strategic use of sunlight and photobiomodulation, such as whole-body light beds… that enhance cellular energy production and can add 3-5 more high-performance hours each day, among other benefits.
  3. Optimize our lifestyle to respond to stress and fatigue in ways that generate more energy and freedom rather than adding more stress and fatigue.

Now, where do these insights come from? In 2016, when my daughter Grace was born, I experienced debilitating back pain. At that time, I had already been teaching a mindset and skill set called Performance lifestyle, which aimed to address living an ambitious life without burning out and sacrificing health for success.

However, despite implementing these practices to dramatically improve my life while helping hundreds of others do the same, I still felt exhausted and suffered from inflammation and excruciating back pain. It became clear to me that I was overexerted and under-recuperated. I knew that unless I changed this dynamic, I wouldn’t be able to age healthily, live a high-performance lifestyle, or achieve the desired longevity.

In my opinion, this is the primary cause of disease and premature death today. Even if we know better, once we enter an energy debt, our ability to cope with stress becomes compromised.

After trying various treatments and therapies, I realized that my focus should be on energy regeneration at the core of my lifestyle. It was a moment of realization, an “I was blind, and now I see” moment.

I began structuring my life around energy recovery and discovered a high-intensity red and infrared laser that alleviated the pain in my back and regenerated the affected tissue. I then learned that this technology was available for the entire body, complementing my lifestyle.

Fast forward to today, I run the Regenus Center in East Hanover, New Jersey, with plans to expand to other locations. I also provide photobiomodulation beds to individuals, recovery centers, and businesses interested in accelerating their clients’ or employee’s recovery.

Accelerating recovery helped me to give rise to a new lifestyle—the high-performance lifestyle.

In conclusion, remember that for healthy aging, a high-performance lifestyle, and longevity, the priority is building activities around recovery, not the other way around.

Additionally, accelerating recovery through sunlight and photobiomodulation is crucial, while other biohacking equipment takes a secondary role, as awesome as they may be.

Lastly, optimizing our lifestyle to manage energy effectively and respond to stress in ways that generate more energy and freedom is essential.

Healthy, high-achieving individuals thrive by learning how to live high-performance lifestyles. Through this approach, individuals who are already reaching their full potential can unlock even greater potential. Those distracted and held back by hidden lifestyle challenges can break from old or incomplete lifestyle paradigms to take their life to a whole new level of energy, health, and performance.

The benefits are clear: slower aging, improved performance, and a longer life!

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