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What is aging, and how does Photobiomodulation slow it down?

What is aging, and how does Photobiomodulation slow it down?

What is aging, and how does Photobiomodulation slow it down? 

Aging might be defined as the accumulation of mitochondrial dysfunction over time. Think of it like a 4-cylinder motor in a car with 250,000 miles. The engine is wearing out. The fuel lines, fuel injectors, fuel pump, and spark plug that converts gasoline into energy clog, and the motor stops functioning.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is thought to be caused by environmental stress and food-air-based toxicity as well as excessive stress and overexertion that trip the cell danger response and reduce mitochondrial production of energy, and depletion of cellular charge due to lack of sun and the increase of inhibitory nitric oxide build up in the electron transport chain that blocks the production of ATP. This energy loss starves the cells, increasing the rate of cell death (apoptosis). The cellular damage cascades into the body’s tissues, organs, and systems.

As the motors that power the cells become damaged and die, so do the tissues, organs, and systems. Mobility is impaired as the muscle cells lose their function and resilience, and connective tissues weaken. 

Skin tone may be the first sign of aging. PBM’s energetic triggering has been shown to thicken and tighten the skin, thus reducing wrinkles. It has been shown in numerous studies to both accelerate the healing of neuromuscular injuries and increase neuromuscular performance in elite athletes. Eventually, chronic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction show up as diseases.

That is a distinction we want to make early. If a person is suffering from an injury or disease, light helps them get better. Light helps people improve their personal performance levels and even break records if they are elite athletes. It supports both the unhealthy and the super fit, which allows the average person who isn’t measuring athletic performance. They may not see a reduction in pain or break a personal record. Still, deep in the cells, the increased circulation, detoxification, and improvement in energy are rebuilding the cellular matrix of that person.

Photobiomodulation has been shown to both ‘unclog’ the respiratory chain and create Giant Mitochondria. It is like replacing a worn-out 4-cylinder motor with a tuned-up V8.

If we can slow halt or reverse mitochondrial dysfunction, we can effectively slow halt or reverse the aging process. Skin tone improves, pain shrinks, wounds heal faster, and the tissues, organs, and systems get healthier.

Reducing whole-body inflammation with whole-body Photobiomodulation could prove in research to help prevent the onset of inflammatory diseases like diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, heart disease, and cancer, especially when combined with a healthy, performance lifestyle. 

More studies over extended periods will be required to determine how regular use of Photobiomodulation affects the aging process, but researchers are already suggesting that it pre-conditions against cardiovascular damage and age-related decline. All of this is done free of side effects.

Medical researchers and industry giants are searching for ways to improve mitochondrial function. They are looking for ways to reduce the onset of disease and improve our quality of life as we advance in age. If that pill is developed, would you take it or just add light?

Light heals the cells. Reversing mitochondrial dysfunction, feeding, and detoxifying the cells perpetuate the whole body’s health.

Light is essential. You just get better.



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