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You Can’t Separate Recovery From Your Lifestyle

Did you know that REGENUS CENTER is a “Performance Lifestyle” company (I’ll explain what that means in a few) and that the recovery modalities we offer to help you unlock your body’s resilience and bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue are really “supplements” to your daily life and style of living it?

It’s like how you take vitamins to supplement what you are not getting in your diet to ensure you get all that you need.

Well, that idea is really significant in the case of bouncing back from stress, pain, and fatigue.

If you…

  • Have too much stress, the stress of the wrong kind, and or you are responding to that stress in ways that are creating even more stress, not more energy and freedom;
  • Or, you are not getting enough sun… sleep, rest, recovery, relaxation, meditation, or rejuvenation time in your schedule;
  • And, or you are just into “optimal,” and you want to ensure your energy and recovery needs are met…

REGENUS CENTER was designed to be built into and supplement your lifestyle.

But everything you do here will work even better if you upgrade and optimize your lifestyle!

And that’s why we are a biohacking and anti-aging facility where you use recovery tech but also use various lifestyle optimizations to improve your energy, health, and performance.

It’s because you can never separate recovery from stress, pain, fatigue, and the regenerative process from how you live.

You need a lifestyle that promotes your capacity to function and perform well.

And to help you with that, we’ve added Performance Lifestyle® Coach services to our center.

So you may be thinking…

Do you mean “Red Light Therapy,” “Photobiomodulation,” “infrared sauna,” “Lymphatic Drainage,” or “PEMF” …won’t just immediately help me bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue?

Well, there are two answers to that; yes, they will, and slower if…

Yes, if you are using the tools we provide to supplement and accelerate your recovery as part of a lifestyle that supports you but is still nonetheless putting a lot of demands on your energy and body, and

Your results will be slower if you’re living a constantly tiring lifestyle, burning, and wearing you out…

As the founder of REGENUS CENTER, I learned this firsthand. It’s one of the reasons that I developed a big idea called the Performance Lifestyle long before I started the Center with my wife and partner, Mariahna Suzan.

I used to live a lifestyle that had me spending my energy all over the map. I was up to big things and spending more energy than I was recuperating each day, and each year my personal power went lower, even though I was accomplishing a lot.

It got to a point where my back, let alone my head and soul, hurt so bad that after trying therapy after therapy, I concluded that it starts with my lifestyle, and the additional treatments were there to make me better, not just make up for what was not happening regularly and systematically in my life.

That’s when I learned that “proactive recovery or regeneration” was the crux of a Performance Lifestyle” – which, plainly speaking, is a lifestyle that’s working for you, not against you, across all the fundamentals of healthy and successful living.

So, why am I telling you this?

As a client or member of Regenus Center, you are not only gaining access to the leading recovery technologies that will help you unlock your body’s resilience to bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue, but you will always receive guidance from us on the important ways to improve your lifestyle.

And, if you want to develop a healthy Performance Lifestyle, you can call your own; we offer to coach on-site in our new Suite in the front of the building where you visit REGENUS CENTER.

The world is busy, and it can put relentless demands on your time and energy, which can rapidly deplete you and cause all kinds of energy, health, and performance problems.

And that reality gave rise to REGENUS CENTER. Our core protocol is a routine for local and regional clients who want to build proactive recovery into their lifestyles to ensure they have the life force energy they need to stay healthy, function, perform well, and heal from the stresses of life, etc.

Next time you come into the Center, ask to speak to John Allen Mollenhauer, “JAM,” and we can tell you more.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

Stay Vital,

John Allen Mollenhauer

Performance Lifestyle Coach





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