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John Allen Mollenhauer

About John Allen Mollenhauer, “JAM”

Founder & Performance Lifestyle Coach located in East Hanover, NJ

John Allen Mollenhauer, “JAM,” is a leading Performance Lifestyle® Coach and the founder of REGENUS CENTER, along with his partner and wife, Mariahna Suzan.

As an entrepreneur who used to suffer from constant tiredness, fatigue and periodic burnout, terrible back pain, and erratic moods due to overexertion, he has dedicated his adult life to helping people recharge, restore and manage their energy as the pros do.

He also teaches advanced rejuvenation and recovery and how to utilize Photobiomodulation chambers to accelerate recovery while helping people develop balanced, high-performance lifestyles.

He is a father of two, loves to bike, learn, and apply, and share optimal living insights…

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