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Can Green Light Therapy Help With Migraines and Pain Management?

Regenus Center at East Hanover, NJ, offers whole-body LED Light therapy, which involves the use of different wavelengths of light to have therapeutic effects related to pain, sleep, and mood regulation.

One amongst them is Green light therapy which is quickly becoming an emerging light treatment that may be capable of decreasing migraine intensity and pain due to conditions such as fibromyalgia.

While more research is needed to confirm how effective green lighting is, there’s also reason to believe it may help improve sleep quality and moods.

The best part? Studies so far suggest that the use of green light exposure is very safe, especially compared to the long-term use of pain-killing medications, and it’s affordable too.

How does green light help migraines?

Light affects things like your pain tolerance and mood via the visual cortex by activating receptors in the eyes that send signals to the brain. Light wavelengths travel from the retinas in the backs of the eyes into the part of the brain where neurons are found that can contribute to issues including headaches.

Because certain types of light, including blue and white light, can trigger headaches in some people some who are sensitive to these wavelengths, some now choose to wear migraine glasses to block some light from reaching their eyes, while others experiment with using green light exposure to counteract the effects of other types of light.

Certain studies suggest that green light seems capable of impacting pain-modulating systems in the brain, which can help prevent the exacerbation of migraine headaches and potentially ease photophobia among migraine sufferers. It’s thought this is due to green light producing smaller electrical signals in the eyes and brain compared to other wavelengths.

Experts also believe that green lighting can stimulate the release of endogenous endorphins and stimulate the cannabinoid system, which results in improved moods and higher pain tolerance.

To understand further how Green Light works, check out the research paper below:

Evaluation of green light exposure on headache frequency and quality of life in migraine patients: A preliminary one-way cross-over clinical trial
Martin LF, Patwardhan AM, Jain SV, Salloum MM, Freeman J, Khanna R, Gannala P, Goel V, Jones-MacFarland FN, Killgore WD, Porreca F, Ibrahim MM



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