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Infrared Sauna Benefits: Part I

Outside of exercise, who knew that working up a sweat could offer such astounding health benefits? Infrared sauna therapy can benefit nearly everyone: from someone looking to detox a few times a month to others looking for alternative solutions to address a host of issues. Just how much more?Let’s look at how infrared sauna does way more for your body than merely working up a sweat. This blog post brings you four of the top benefits of infrared sauna, but that’s not all! Check back soon for part II of this post where we list even MORE great benefits of infrared sauna.

1. Infrared Sauna Improved Skin Tone
Infrared sauna therapy dilates the blood vessels, effectively increasing circulation throughout the body. This increased circulation not only helps remove waste products, but also helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Since our skin depends on these nutrients to form collagen (which keeps our skin firm), infrared sauna therapy can be a great way to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

2. Infrared Sauna Flushes Out Toxins
Our immune systems are up against an arsenal of toxins that our ancestors never dreamt of: pesticides, toxic metals, PCBs in plastics, environmental pollution, and even GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Combining that with a lifelong poor diet sets you up for accumulated toxins and a potentially weakened immune system. Luckily, infrared sauna treatments can give your body an extra push to eliminate these toxins. Specifically, this is achieved through sweating, which has been shown in several studies to increase detoxification and lower circulating levels of toxins in the body. Though it should be noted, that relying on sweating for etoxification is not a wise idea as only a clean, whole foods, nutrient-rich diet, and clean living prevents you from toxifying your body in the first place, and sweating does not solve that problem.

Nonetheless, we are confident some detoxification will happen, and a good sweat feels good and aids in weight loss. Do your best to eliminate pesticides, metals and other toxins, such as refined and added salt, oil and sugar and then enjoy a nice long sweat in the sauna.

3. Infrared Sauna Boosts Circulation
Infrared sauna therapy has also been found to improve circulation. This can have far-reaching benefits, from better skin tone (as discussed earlier) to lowered blood pressure. In fact, researchers discovered infrared sauna therapy significantly improves blood vessel function in diabetes and smoking patients with high cholesterol.

As a health sauna, an Infrared Sauna heats your muscles with infrared rays and produces an increase in blood flow similar to regular exercise. In fact, blood flow during infrared sauna use has been reported to rise from a normal rate of 5-7 quarts per minute to as much as 13 quarts per minute.

4. Infrared Sauna Improves Cardiovascular Function

Infrared Sauna Improves Cardiovascular Function

Infrared sauna therapy has also been shown to be good for your heart. The effects have proven so powerful that studies have associated sitting in an infrared sauna with a reduced risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease, fatal cardiovascular disease, and even all-cause mortality. These effects are due to the increased heart rate, blood flow, and improved blood pressure in patients using infrared sauna therapy. Interestingly, researchers compared the cardiac output patients experience in the sauna room to going on a brisk walk.

Are you ready for these great benefits? If so, set up an appointment for infrared sauna at the Regenus Center today! Want even more? Stay tuned for Part II of this blog post, or check out the rest of our valuable resources.


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