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Regenerate more ATP Energy with Whole Body PBM Therapy

We get it, getting into the quantum level of healing can feel downright metaphysical, but for the purposes of this article and your life, set that story aside for a minute because science is now capable of explaining what used to be hard to grasp.

What I’m about to explain to you, with several links in tow, may look complicated and complex it is, but that doesn’t meet you can’t grasp it. You can. Keep in mind, don’t need to know all the inner workings of a clock to tell time. you just need to get some basic concepts. Almost all of us have an idea of what goes on inside of the clock with the gears doing their thing, so we rely on clocks and are proficient at telling time.

That same thing is happening now with the understanding of our cells and their impact upward or downward in our lives. What this article will do, is give you a sense of what’s happening in your cells, and how you can affect it, to give you more ATP energy and to heal at the cellular level from the effects of excess stress, that will positively affect you all the way up to your daily experience of life.

This inquiry is at the root of why we started Regenus Centers so that people could get well at the cellular level and compound those positive benefits through lifestyle re-training to look, feel and perform better.

Our method of healing is the core recovery therapy of all time and the cornerstone of a Regenus Center—Light.

Over 3000 research studies have highlighted the numerous benefits to the tissues, organs, and systems in the body that accrue after light therapy treatments (called photobiomodulation or PBM Therapy and traditionally called Low-Level Light Therapy) that are stimulatory. The benefits span aesthetics (skin and hair), pain management and cognitive function, performance recovery and wellness.

Skin-related benefits include improved wound healing, increased collagen formation and tightening of the elastin layer. Green light seems to be beneficial for hyperpigmentation, acne, MRSA and similar bacteria and viruses.

Performance benefit studies have shown that athletes are stronger, faster, have more endurance after treatments and they are better protected in competition against injury.

Wellness-related benefits stem from several factors including (1) reduced inflammation (2) improved circulation (3) improved mitochondrial function (energy or ATP), …(4) improved quality of blood circulating and (5) increased detoxification of waste and free radicals. What this means is that as we improve cell function, the benefits trickle up into the tissues, organs, and systems. People feel better, and they get better.

For those that want to Geek out on the science of regenerating more ATP energy with whole body PBM Therapy…

Research is ongoing about the mechanism of LLLT, or now PBM Therapy. The effects of PBM appear to be limited to a specified set of wavelengths of laser,[1] and administering PBM Therapy below that dose range does not appear to be effective.[2] Photochemical reactions are well known in biological research; it may be that the light applied in PBM Therapy might react with the respiratory enzyme cytochrome c oxidase which is involved in the electron transport chain in mitochondria.[12][18]

An electron transport chain (ETC) is a series of complexes that transfer electrons from electron donors to electron acceptors via redox (both reduction and oxidation occurring simultaneously) reactions, and couples this electron transfer with the transfer of protons (H+ ions) across a membrane. This creates an electrochemical proton gradient that drives the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that stores energy chemically in the form of highly strained bonds.

The function of the electron transport chain is to produce a transmembrane proton electrochemical gradient as a result of the redox reactions.[1] If protons flow back through the membrane, they enable mechanical work, such as rotating bacterial flagellaATP synthase, an enzyme highly conserved among all domains of life, converts this mechanical work into chemical energy by producing ATP,[2]which powers most cellular reactions. A small amount of ATP is available from substrate-level phosphorylation, for example, in glycolysis. In most organisms, the majority of ATP is generated in electron transport chains, while only some obtain ATP by fermentation.

You can read more about why this is so fundamental to life here. It’s not just about being wired and tired, this is part of it, it’s that excess stress on the nervous system has a whole downward cascdade of negative effects from poor sleep, to poor eating, activity, thinking habits and more.

So you need to recognize that what you are doing, that overexertion, in the physical world is having an impact on what’s happening at the cellular level and we often need to look there, act there and heal there if we want to create a cascade upward that causes you to feel better. It’s what preceeds, thinking, looking and performing better.

Pain relief benefits can be both immediate and improve over time. Often joint damage, wounds, nerve pain, and musculoskeletal pain is quickly reduced using red and near-infrared light therapy on an overstimulated nervous system, while root cause healing is initiated for the long-term and potential root cause recovery.

Cognitive benefits have shown that Near-Infrared light can improve and restore brain function in cases of TBI, CTE, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

Here’s the main point: 

The benefit curve is broad because the actions begin in the cell.  If we can heal the cell we can heal nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body. You just get better.

Photobiomodulation is a term that describes the stimulatory effects of certain wavelengths of light delivered in calibrated energetic intensities to affect positive stimulatory changes in the cells of the body. The positive affects on the cells of the body cascade upward into the tissues, organs and systems creating benefits for nearly every part of the body. Learn More >


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