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The Big Immune Health Secret You Never Heard Of

Ever wonder why some people seem to be healthy without doing much at all? There’s that person that makes it through the winter, spring, and fall without an issue. The picture of perfect health. And you are wondering what’s their big immune health secret.

If you’re reading this article, you probably do everything you can to keep your immune system humming.

You are probably thinking I am getting plenty of sleep… eating the right foods… optimizing your gut health… drinking enough water to sink a small ship… but something isn’t quite right. And the other person doesn’t go through half of the stuff you do.

What’s going on?

The Big Immune Health Secret

May be some people are just blessed. They don’t have to do much to stay healthy — similar to people with high metabolisms. And maybe they have high resilience factor when it comes to facing stress.

But let’s face it, majority of us just aren’t as lucky. We are faced with non-stop stress and are constantly feeling overwhelmed with the demands of life.

Here is the good news

This can be overcome with a little bit of effort. First, however, you need some background information.

You may have heard of experiments in which volunteers are deliberately do something designed to stress the immune system. Some of the people exposed to it react, whereas others don’t (like mentioned above).

In the conventional health sphere, one explanation for this result is that these people have strong immune systems. From a bioenergetic perspective, however, we would say that those people’s Source energy is strong. Of course, there are other reasons as well. They have built lifestyle habits and routines that has optimized all aspects and areas of their lives. If you would like to learn more on lifestyle habits, click here.

But for this article purpose we will address the concept called Source Energy.

What is Source Energy?

Tests show us that simple exposure is not enough to affect your health. Your body has to be unable to deal with what it has been exposed to, and that process starts on the level of the body-field.

Immune Health

This is related directly to your Source energy.

If your Source energy is strong, your body does what it is designed to do, which is work properly and keep you healthy.

So just the fact that you aren’t operating on your normal level provides a clue that your Source energy may be low.

Source energy can be thought of as a kind of life-force energy, perhaps representing energy from the quantum zero-point field. From a body-field perspective, this Source energy forms a Driver field in the body, being attracted by and stored in the body cavities and microtubules.

Correct Your Source Energy is the secret to Immune Health
Our stores of Source energy tend to become depleted by stress, being indoors too much, poor nutrition, and exposure to toxins, among other factors. This depletion increases the probability that our bodies may not be able to maintain homeostasis.

That’s why getting your Source energy in line is key to optimal health. NES designed an Infoceutical especially for this called: Source Driver.

Immune Health

The secret to a strong immune system you never heard of – with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

Source Driver is bioenergetically the “Driver of Drivers” because it powers all the other Driver fields.

When correcting the Drivers of the body-field, it always takes priority, so any distortion in the Source Driver is corrected first, before any other Driver field imbalances are addressed.

Source Driver correlates to a wide array of bioenergetic anatomical, and physiological structures and processes. For example, Source Driver matches to the reticuloendothelial system, a part of your immune system that produces cells that tend to aggregate in your lymph nodes, spleen, and reticular connective tissue.

It is vital for your immune system that your Source Driver field be restored or supported before actual bioenergetic correlations to any stressors are addressed. By correcting how your organs attract and store Source energy, your body is strengthened and can begin to properly support your health the way your body is designed to.

So, if you’re looking to support your immune system, Source Driver should top your list. Or, if Source Driver shows up on your scan, this is exactly why.
Body-Field Scan

Ready to find out what’s impacting your energy levels by using our bioenergetic scanning technology. Check out your body’s energy with a Body-Field scan, and gain deeper insight into your holographic self with our certified Bioenergetic Practitioner. For an In-Clinic, Please give us a call at 862-295-1620

We offer a completely new, alternative and bioenergetic health care approach based on 21st century science, technology and quantum physics with personalized, holistic and lifestyle solutions such as, NES body-field scan & therapy, miHealth biofeedback, PEMF therapy, Rife and Whole Body Photobiomodulation Therapy healing modalities that can restore optimal health and well-being throughout the body, mind and spirit in the most natural way.

Let us help you restore your health and energy!


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