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What is Biohacking and Why is it Giving Rise to a New Lifestyle

Biohacking “accelerated recovery” is a cutting-edge trend in human optimization and performance that gives rise to a new lifestyle known as the “Performance Lifestyle,” or high-performance lifestyle.

It involves utilizing various techniques and interventions to enhance the body’s energy recovery, health, and performance, potentially increasing lifespan.

The biohacking movement is gaining momentum as more individuals become interested in improving their biological function.

A “Biohack” refers to a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to human optimization, where individuals strive to improve various aspects of their biology to enhance their energy, health, performance, and overall well-being.

Some types of biohacking or human optimization have existed for many years, such as intermittent fasting or eating a whole food, nutrient-rich diet, long before the term “biohacking” even existed.

I became a member of the National Health Association 34 years ago, and we were doing what, by today’s standards, are some serious “bio hacks” that many today are just catching on to. Still, it was just “health as a result of healthy living.”

Regenus Center is a biohacking (esque), or “Human Optimization,” facility where we help you revitalize, recharge, and restore your vital energy, alleviate inflammation, and find relief from pain. It will help you give rise to a balanced and healthy Performance Lifestyle or high-performance lifestyle that will upgrade, uplevel, and transform your life regardless of age if you dive deep into proactive and accelerated energy recovery.

Diving deep into proactive and accelerated energy recovery is a transformative experience that gives rise to a new way of life beyond anything else. Energy is the key driver for change and improvement and is crucial in optimizing your living. It also serves as the defining factor when it comes to life structure.

However, several more practices encompass many, from molecular and biologics to technological and lifestyle-level bio hacks.

As I go through each one, I’m not starting with lifestyle because deep dives in energy, health, and performance ultimately give rise to a new lifestyle, but know this upfront. Your Lifestyle is the foundation, and each of the fundamental aspects of your lifestyle represents the most influential “biohacks.

Biologics, molecular, and technological biohacks, as influential as they are, complement your lifestyle to become more proactive, accelerate, and upgrade your results.


Biologics are cellular or biological products meant to improve or enhance biology. “Biologics function like some sort of human cellular material,” explains Dr. V. They could be cells or small information packets like exosomes, which are biological bundles of DNA, mRNA proteins, and growth factors.

Kien Vuu, MD (Doctor V), is a human and organizational longevity and performance expert, an assistant clinical professor of medicine at UCLA, and a physician who has found a better way. A surgeon who overcame two chronic diseases, he is now a passionate health and human performance champion.

I love that “human performance champion,” as I define myself similarly. It’s because it’s all about human performance and the lifestyle that converts to ~JAM. 

Biologics must be ingested, injected (such as stem cells), or delivered intravenously (i.e., by IV transfusion). Some biologics require a prescription from a health care provider, such as medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In contrast, others don’t, such as non-medical IV therapies offered in independent boutiques nationwide.


Molecular biohacking involves using natural and synthetic molecules to help shift one’s biology.

Taking supplements would fall into this biohacking category.

“Molecular biohacking incorporates a small particle that has some kind of biological effect,” says Dr. V. “It’s your vitamins, it’s your minerals, it’s peptides (small protein fragments).”


Bio hacks in this category include devices like wearables (smartwatches) and diagnostics (blood sugar monitors).

In such cases, biohacking uses technology to gather data about the body and its functioning so an individual can use that information to adjust their health as they strive for improved performance.

Technology bio hacks also include advanced rejuvenation and recovery chambers like photobiomodulation beds or pulsed electromagnetic field stimulators to try and stimulate more rapid physiological changes or healing.


This category of biohacking, also known as “optimization,” focuses on making choices related to energy, health, and performance, as well as embracing lifestyles that activate the biology of healthy aging, high performance, and longevity.

Lifestyle is often the most accessible way for individuals to start experiencing biohacking, including dietary shifts, breathwork, meditation, energy management, exercise, and more.

At Regenus Center, our focus primarily lies on molecular, technological biohacks and lifestyle optimizations.

Before opening Regenus Center, as an entrepreneur and professional coach, I discovered a lifestyle concept in elite athletics called the “performance lifestyle.” This concept enabled athletes to sustain their training and achieve high levels of success in their sport. I developed this concept for the general population, particularly driven achiever types who require abundant energy, reliable health, and high performance to succeed.

As a Performance Lifestyle® Coach, with the help of a world-class health and performance science advisory team, I have created an integrated, holistic coaching model that delves deep into the principles, practices, and strategies of healthy, high-achieving individuals who thrive and flourish.

Your lifestyle itself is the primary set of biohacks, and without a fully supportive lifestyle, other interventions may not work as desired in the long run. At Regenus Center, we aim to help our clients give rise to a new lifestyle.

It’s amazing what happens when you move beyond the default way of life, even beyond the typical fitness or general healthy lifestyle paradigms, and utilize biohacking to develop a balanced and healthy performance or high-performance lifestyle unique to you.

Biohacking is about taking control of your health and exploring ways to optimize your body’s performance. It’s an exciting field with great potential, but it’s important to approach it cautiously and thoroughly research any new interventions before trying them.



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