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Unlock the Power of Life Force Energy, The Key to Vitality and Well-being


Unlock the Power of Life Force Energy - The Key to Vitality and Well-Being

Life force, often called “vital energy,” is the key to vitality and well-being.  It is the energy or force that gives life to living beings. The energy makes living things alive and helps them grow, move, and function.

It’s literally the electrical energy or voltage of your body. 

Think of it as the energy in the battery that powers a car in conjunction with the fuel it needs to run. It’s not the fuel, but it is the power.

Living beings need a life force to function and stay alive. This energy flows through our bodies and is responsible for our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

It needs to be recharged, recovered, and restored (Regenerated) so that you can feel rejuvenated. 

Different cultures and belief systems have different names for this energy. For example, in Chinese medicine, it’s called “qi” or “chi,” and in Indian philosophy, it’s referred to as “prana.” These terms describe the same idea of the vital life force energy that sustains life.

While many people think the life force cannot be scientifically measured or proven, it actually can be measured in Watts in Power Meter tests like bikers use, power output, phase angle, or other simpler tests like RPE rate of perceived exertion and then compare rating against yourself at different times.

Life Force is experienced all day by human beings, and as your mood and motivation change, you can be sure it’s tied to how strong your life force energy is at that time.

Practices like advanced rejuvenation and recovery, starting with the Sun supplemented by photobiomodulation, meditation, yoga, or other regenerative healing methods, regenerate this energy for healing, health, and ultimately well-being.

Ultimately, life force is a way to describe the mysterious energy that seems to give life its vitality and keeps living things going. The “experience” helps us appreciate life’s wonder and complexity, even if we can’t fully explain it scientifically.

Why is the regeneration of it the primary lifestyle skill?

It’s because everything about you and everything you are up to in the world depends on it, including staying healthy!

It’s the crux of human performance and of your lifestyle. Get this right, and everything can go right. Overlook it, and you’ll spend a good portion of your life coping with stress in ways that create more stress and fatigue, not more energy and freedom.

And that’s why its regeneration is the (your) primary lifestyle skill.




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