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Whole Body Light Therapy—Photobiomodulation—is Changing Lives

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – There’s good news for those suffering from constant tiredness, aches, and pains, injuries, including sports injuries, wound healing issues and conditions like inflammation, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and neurological diseases such as neuropathy, autoimmune conditions, as well as depression.There is a potent therapy that also has anti-aging effects, increases fat loss, speeds recovery from exercise, increases strength and endurance. It’s whole body light therapy or “PhotoBioModulation”—changing the body with light—and it’s the cornerstone of the new Regenus Center, which recently opened within the walls of Core Therapies at #300, 17 Hanover Rd., in Florham Park, NJ.

This new, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, low-cost, non-invasive treatment offers multiple benefits and no adverse side effects. PhotoBioModulation Therapy (PBMT), formerly known as Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) which traditionally delivers through handheld therapeutic laser devices, is the application of red and near infrared light, among other beneficial light frequencies, colors, and wavelengths, to the whole body from head to toe. Much like plants in the sun, our cells absorb those wavelengths triggering a cascade of natural cellular responses resulting in an increase in cellular energy production, an increased rate and quality of tissue repair, reduced inflammation, improved circulation and a reduction in pain.

The treatment is easy, painless and it works. You lay face up on a comfortable bed/pod for a series of affordable 5-15-minute whole body light therapy sessions, while the light diodes on the bed prompt the body to heal at an accelerated pace.

You should feel some relief within 1-3 visits, and even better over the first 7-12 sessions. Research and experience also suggest the effects continue to get better with time because the red and near-infrared lights influence your tissues and cells to start to repair themselves. While PBMT therapy doesn’t necessarily cure diseases, it slows the progression by improving many of the associated and primary underlying causes of them while improving human performance.

To learn more about PBMT, John Allen Mollenhauer, who founded the Regenus Centers™ with his wife and partner Mariahna Suzan, and at Core Therapies with Dr Jason Sonners, will be giving a talk on “Reducing Chronic Pain & Inflammation and Enhancing Recovery with Non-Invasive Whole Body PhotoBioModulation Therapy,” on Wed., Nov. 7, at 6:30 pm, at the Center. To register, call 862-295-1620, email: recharge @regenuscenter.com or sign up here.

To arrange to come in for a complimentary session, click here and schedule a consultation.

According to Mollenhauer and Suzan, like plants and trees need light for “photosynthesis,” we too need the powerful rays of the sun to stay healthy at the cellular level. However, we fear the harmful rays and wear sunblock, sunglasses and other forms of protection, and don’t spend enough time in the sun. Instead, we spend too much time in dimly-lit rooms that are the equivalent of being in the dark during the day, and the wrong kind of light during the night — and this is an underlying cause of several disease conditions.

They shared that diseases often start at the cellular level with oxidative stress and are then compounded by other lifestyle factors. While they are not saying we shouldn’t ever use sunblock or sunglasses, outside, they are saying using PBM therapy, which comprises only the safe and most powerful frequencies of light, is like “photosynthesis for your body.”

They further explain that the body has the properties of a battery, in that we all need to recover from the fatigue of excess stress and need to recharge. This type of recharging requires several factors including getting good quality, quantity, and consistency of sleep, and eating healthy, which are all essential components of a balanced “performance lifestyle,” which Mollenhauer teaches at the Regenus Center and through online training – but recharging also requires receiving sunlight — in particular, the red and near-infrared light frequencies gained through PBMT.

Mollenhauer and Suzan feel so strongly about people needing PBM therapy at the core of how they recover their performance capacity, and about helping people look, feel and perform better — that while the equipment they are using at the center is cutting edge and state of the art, they are offering these services at the most affordable rates possible.

“We want everyone to be able to afford regeneration therapy,” say Mollenhauer and Suzan. “We priced our services to be as affordable as possible for sustained use — so that no one misses out on getting the performance recovery they need. Light is fundamental to our lives.”

So far, the PBM Therapy has been a big hit with the staff and clients at Core Therapies, which is where the Regenus Center resides.

“If you’re in pain, you’ve got nothing to lose,” said Erica S. “The light therapy helped decrease the pain intensity. It’s better than taking drugs. “

“A marginal improvement was all that I anticipated, but there was a significant improvement,” said Reena T. “My pain is manageable. I feel much better after a treatment.”

For more information, call 862-295-1620 or see the website www.regenuscenter.com.


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