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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Come to a Regenus Center.

Regenus Center—The idea of having a place where busy people can further regenerate their energy during the day, and heal from the likes of inflammation, fatigue and the strain of back pain, for example, which compromises one’s ability to function and perform well in their lives and careers, is the brainchild of lifestyle entrepreneurs John Allen Mollenhauer and Mariahna Suzan.

After John Allen Mollenhauer suffered from debilitating back pain for nearly two years, and Mariahna suffered the consequences of giving birth, while a working mom, they sought to find the solution, the whole solution. And today, the duo have taken lifestyle entrepreneurship to a whole new level.

Together, they’ve created Regenus Centers™ by Performance Lifestyle® Inc; a company dedicated to helping driven, achiever-types recover from excess stress with the broader mission of helping people get free of fatigue and burnout to look, feel and perform better. As well, to renew their personal power, and learn how you achieve even their most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

Regenus Centers are performance, recovery and wellness facilities in local communities, and onsite at work, whereby moms, working parents, business professionals—entrepreneurs and business owners, executives and managers can come to prepare for and better recover from the days and weeks stress. They are also the hub spots for the most comprehensive lifestyle coaching and training program available for optimizing one’s energy, health, and personal performance. It’s called Performance Lifestyle®

At a Regenus Center, customers and clients can access the finest recovery technologies in the market, once only available to elite athletes, entertainers, and astronauts needing to get back in the game and perform at the levels required of them, and as modern life demands of us all no matter what our role or career; and do so through sessions, packages and memberships.

In addition, access to hands-on therapies such as affordable 20-30 min massages, Tai Body Yoga and Active Release Technique for soft-tissue system/movement based massage that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves; all in a time frame that works for your schedule and delivered by licensed massage therapists and chiropractors.

What differentiates Regenus Centers even further is that in addition to combining the best in regeneration and hands-on (kinetic) therapies; Regenus Centers are run by Certified Performance Lifestyle® Coaches (CPLC’s) adept at all the essential lifestyle skills you need to know to live your life, like a pro.

With 8 in 10 Americans afflicted by excess stress[i], and 40% report being more stressed than last year;[ii] to escape the anxiety economy[iii] for good, we need to optimize the way we live to reduce, manage and eliminate all unnecessary stress to the best of our abilities, else the primary causes of the very problems people come to Regenus Centers to resolve, remain in place.

At Regenus Centers we want to change that. We help you genuinely recharge your energy and get to the point where you feel like you’re living a new life when the pain stops. We then help you leverage that boost of freedom to make the essential lifestyle improvements you need to sustain your success.

Ultimately, we’re giving rise to the new lifestyle that’s suited to today’s performance culture so that people no longer feel they must tire themselves out, burnout or trade their health for success.

Recovering from even normal performance demands on the body’s energy, intellectual and physical systems, is reason enough for going to a Regenus Center, but to help people deal with the excessive stress we all face today, we need a broader approach; and Regenus Centers by Performance Lifestyle Inc. delivers.

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Come to a Regenus Center.

1. All-in-One Center:

When it comes to recovery from fatigue, from pain, from the habits that have formed as a result of stress, or other societal influences, we are an all-in-one center delivering regenerative support, kinetic (hands-on therapy) and lifestyle retraining to ensure that you make changes (*Improvements) in the way you live.

2. Affordable Out of Pocket Pricing: 

While other centers delivering recovery therapies are offering lower quality technologies, at rates that are not affordable (for long) for the out-of-pocket expense and are therefore unsustainable to the consumer; at Regenus Centers, we wanted to change that and we have.

We have a simple philosophy, offer the best cellular rejuvenation therapies, at the most affordable cost via sessions and packages, and if the customer is on membership reduce the cost of that therapy to a radically low cost so users can keep this going in their life. We keep most of our offerings to $50.00 or less in the center, nearly 50% or more, less than our other centers. It’s the best value – cost ratio in the market. Don’t for a second think less cost is less value. We are more valuable, less cost because that’s what is sustainable for the customer.

3. Wholistic Lifestyle Support

We deliver a whole solution for you, your body and your lifestyle. We are not just offering “this or that” therapy. At Regenus Center, by Performance Lifestyle Inc, founders of the next step in the evolution of the fitness and healthy lifestyle, we will help you develop a “Performance Lifestyle®” that supports you and what you are up to in the world so that you stop tiring out, burning out and wearing yourself out in the process of living your ambitious life.

We address each and every aspect of your lifestyle so that you optimize the way you live: enlightenment and mindset, sleep performance, living with optimal energy levels, the optimal performance state and how you achieve your goals—your lifestyle.

When you come to Regenus Center we help you look, feel and perform better, so that you can more of what you love to do, and do it well. Become a Regenus Center Member; your Welcome Pack will include “The Guide to the Ultimate Transformation— Regeneration.”

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[iii] https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/mar/10/feel-better-now-the-rise-and-rise-of-the-anxiety-economy



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